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Between the two of us, we had nearly 20 place settings worth of dishes, two Dyson vacuum cleaners, five sets of linens, and more towels than we had room for in the closet. Needless to say, we aren’t making a Bed, Bath, & Beyond registry. Instead, we came up with this crafty plan! Please help make our dream honeymoon a reality by funding an item below (way better than dishes any day, ya?)

So, what are you helping fund exactly?

Another fantastic adventure crafted by your favorite couple! We have an epic road trip planned from Cincinnati, Ohio to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We will be gone 2 weeks, cover 4000 miles, visit 13 National Parks and memorials, go cave exploring, hike summits, see gysers, touch prehistoric fossils, and maybe even learn how to rock climb – all with your help! Craving even more details? Check out the grand plan:

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Unfortunately, we couldn't take 3 weeks off to then drive back home. Besides, we are going to be exhausted! The plan is to dump the car in Wyoming and fly back to Cincinnati.

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The unfortunate part of road tripping in late-September, is that you can't just pitch a tent at any old KOA site - especially as far north as we will be. Sad but true, we need some Motel 6's (but preferably a little nicer).

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We are staying at the beautiful Teton Club for 7 days! It is centrally located in Jackson Hole, WY so we can buzz around Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons pretty easily!

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