A Little About Us

Brian grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. The oldest of four siblings, he is a man of patience, choice words, and quiet smiles. His formative years in Wilmington were spent mostly behind a computer or camera – working many years as a front-end web developer and establishing his entrepreneurial skills as a photography studio owner. He then waved goodbye to (what seems like) an entire city of friends and family and headed west to Cincinnati, Ohio. He is now working hard as a fine art photographer in the Queen City while traveling the world with his beautiful bride-to-be.

Kori loves cats!

We met at a bar. Actually, at a drinking club. Kori had just moved to Delaware two weeks prior and Brian, too, was starting a new chapter in his life. So, over hand-crafted beers in the basement of Chelsea Tavern, we bonded over travel, music, and stupid cat pictures. Not even two months into the relationship, the exclamation was made that it seemed as if we had known each other our whole lives. And not much has changed. We are absolutely inseperable, constantly on the go, singing loudly most of the time, and usually scrolling through endless pictures of our stupid cats.

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